Shipping & Returns

As with many made-to-order products, we're unable to accept returns except in instances where the item has not arrived as described, or has been damaged/lost in transit.

We aim for a 2-3 week turnaround from order to doorstep but this may be extended over public holidays and especially over Chinese New Year.

If you are unhappy with any order, either through the website, or by ordering directly, please let us know within 7 calendar days of receiving the order.  After 7 calendar days, the order will be closed.

Covid-19 Update

At present, we're running at normal production and shipping speeds, if this changes we'll announce this through our Social Media platforms.


Content of flags

Whilst we take no responsibility for the content of any flag we create. We will cancel and refund any orders for flags that discriminate against any legally protected characteristics, such as race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability.

Please don't try it, be a good person.